Professional Practice BOOKS


Becoming a Graphic and Digital Designer: A Guide to Careers in Design 

by: Steven Heller & Veronique Vienne

This has been the textbook for my Professional Practice class for the last couple of years. The latest edition was published in 2015, so I’ll probably look for something a little more current (if they don’t update this) in the next few years. It gives a pretty good overview of possible careers, but does have a pretty traditional outlook on things (definitely puts print design at the core of what’s out there). There have been digital chapters added to this edition, but they do feel like an afterthought. (We will supplement with additional articles and such to stay more current in class).

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Kern and Burn: Conversations With Design Entrepreneurs 

by: Tim Hoover & Jessica Karle Heltzel

This was the previous text book for my Professional Practice class. It was published in 2013, so it’s a little out dated know and several of the entrepreneurs have moved on to new projects (as is life), but is still great inspiration/resource if you want to strike out on your own. Is also printed in a really attractive two-color style that I think designers can learn from and appreciate.

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Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines, 15th Edition

by: Artists Guild Graphic

A great resource for designers looking for advice on pricing and contracts. Make sure you by the newest edition possible (as far as I know the cover I’m showing is the newest).

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Burn Your Portfolio: Stuff they don't teach you in design school, but should

by: Michael Janda

I mean… I hope I teach this stuff in my class, but in case you want to see it all written down, this has some nice real world truths.

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Things Are What You Make of Them: Life Advice for Creatives

by: Adam J. Kurtz

A good pick me up or kick in the ass. Open to any random page: read, put the book down and take on the world.

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Graphic Design 2 BOOKS


Thinking with Type

by: Ellen Lupton

This is my go-to for brushing up on type. Technical and real-world information.

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Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide for the Whole Branding Team

by: Alina Wheeler

An older edition of this book is what I was assigned when I was in college. It’s a good primer on different aspects of brand identities and development steps.

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Logo Design Love

by: David Airey

Nice case stories and real world examples of different logos and brand identities. Not very in-depth, but some nice thought process to follow.


Print Production BOOKS


A guide to graphic print production

by: Kaj Johansson, Peter Lundberg, Robert Ryberg

This was the official textbook when I taught Electronic PrePress. It’s hella technical, but if you want to learn production, this is your book.

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Forms, Folds and Sizes, Second Edition: All the Details Graphic Designers Need to Know but Can Never Find 

by: Aaris Sherin & Poppy Evans

A quick reference for things like envelopes, color, printing and folding technique. It’s not super thorough, but a good place to gain the vocabulary in order to learn more.

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The Production Manual

by: Gavin Ambrose

Very helpful in breaking down how commercial printing techniques work. I have an older edition, but I found it easier to digest than the official textbook that I used in the class.

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Other books I’m interested in but haven’t ponied up the cash to purchase yet